Announcing COMPAS

Announcing COMPAS and!

During the past few years, People for Parks stepped up its community engagement to be even more meaningful, forming strong ties with the parents and friends who visit or live near our Community School Parks. Despite living in different neighborhoods, these community members share one common goal: to create safe places to play and connect.

We use this shared goal as the basis for our Community School Park Champions Movement, or COMPAS. The word ‘compas’ is slang for ‘friends’ in Spanish, which is appropriate, as the movement unites parents, neighbors, school staff from all over LA to promote and support CSPs, shared use expansion, and community cohesion. COMPAS serves as the convening and mobilizing forum through which parents can articulate goals, raise awareness, and volunteer.

There are a variety of ways that parents, neighbors, and supporters like you can participate in COMPAS. You can simply sign up by providing a name and contact info. ‘Signing up’ in this case means you support shared use and Community School Parks as an effective strategy to tackle park scarcity. You can also choose to participate more actively through our CSP Promotoras program, which provides volunteer opportunities and roles such as activity organizer, outreach leader, or shared use advocate.

These are roles that parents used to serve on a less formal basis. With COMPAS, parents can better coordinate with each other and with PFP to design these roles, develop strategies, and obtain support for CSPs in their neighborhoods.

Through community outreach, PFP community organizers have registered more than 100 COMPAS members, including 10 CSP Promotoras who will lead CSP workshops ranging from bracelet making to public speaking. We know that with today’s launch, we can activate hundreds more – including you!


Join COMPAS today!





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