People for Parks is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization working to increase park access by improving the built environment for a more livable Los Angeles. We're transforming LA with innovative programs that make communities healthier. 

Since 1989, we’ve worked to revitalize run down and crime-ridden parks that had suffered years of neglect. We’ve innovated important new programs that have brought parks and play programs where they’re needed most. We’ve worked to expand public funding for parks and recreation programs serving the Southland.

In 2012, we tore up asphalt, replaced it with grassy fields and tracks and opened life-changing Community School Parks at Vine and Trinity Street Elementary schools. Using the formerly closed school sites as space for physical activity has led to healthier living, better nutrition, family and community strengthening, documented

We will open six new LA Community School Parks for public use during non-school hours in 2016.