Marco Suarez

  • What are Community School Parks?

    A: Community School Parks (CSPs) are school playgrounds that serve as public park space through a shared use service agreement with the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). Schools are ideal community recreation sites: while the city is limited in real estate, there are public schools within walking distance of most residents.

    All CSPs feature enrichment programming from LAUSD staff, who focus on outdoor activities including organized games and craft projects. PFP also works to foster a strong sense of community at each CSP through in-depth community organizing and parent empowerment trainings. These equip CSP neighbors with tools and skills to take ownership over CSPs, helping to organize activities for visitors of all ages and transforming CSPs into true neighborhood hubs. Using the formerly closed school sites as space for physical activity has led to healthier living, better nutrition and family and community strengthening.

  • It's time for People for Parks' Fall Fundraiser!

    Help us raise $10,000 by October 31 so that we can continue to operate Community School Parks in severely under-parked regions of Los Angeles.

    Your support grants welcoming park space to the 5,000 residents living within ½ mile of each of our sites – residents who otherwise have no safe places to play. It also helps support community ownership of CSPs and shared-use advocacy, so that CSPs can expand throughout the city.