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Community School Parks thrive when parents and community members make these spaces their own.  What does this mean? First and foremost, it means bringing your families out to your Community School Park regularly to gather, connect, enjoy the fresh air, get active and PLAY.  Second, it means filling your Community School Park with the kinds of activities that you and your neighbors enjoy. You can do this by organizing events or workshops or taking on leadership roles in park programming and management. For example, parents at our Berendo Community School Park love gardening, so they organized a garden revitalization day and formed a greening club.

Whether your Community School Park is newly formed or a few years old, we want to help you make your CSP special.  Start by reviewing the materials below. Then organize a group of parent leaders to help steer the direction of your Community School Park. Our community organizer and community partners will also help you along the way. Click here to reach out to us:


What exactly is a Community School Park?  What is Joint Use?

 Download Joint Use Parent Training Guide 


Community School Parks: A Conversation With Parents

Sometimes the best way to brainstorm about how to get an idea off the ground is to ask a few questions.  For example, what are the benefits of visiting recreation spaces (like Community School Parks) with family? How does engaging other parents and neighbors in the operation of your CSP help the space thrive? What’s the best way to recruit people to do this? Here is a list of discussion questions we came up with in collaboration with other parents and community partner Kid Healthy for our Community School Parks Parent Leadership Training:

Download Training in Spanish - Download Training in English


Here are some of the answers that parents came up with at the training. What can you add to the list?

Download Parent Engagement Benefits (English and Spanish)[u1] 


Our Partners

We are part of a growing movement working to expand play spaces like Community School Parks through shared use in Los Angeles. Visit the links below to learn more about this and the important work that our partners are doing to expand recreation opportunities.

LA County Department of Public Health's Joint Use Moving People to Play (JUMPP) 

Safe Routes to School National Partnership  

Kid Healthy


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