Vine Street Elementary

Hours: Saturday, 9am-1pm


Location: 955 North Vine Street, Los Angeles, CA


Location: 955 North Vine Street, Los Angeles, CA

CSP opened: 2012


“I get really sad when the park is closed.  My favorite thing to do here is arts and crafts” - Gisele S., 3rd Grade

“This is the only park that’s in walking distance from us.  Coming to this park on the weekends is like going to a friend’s backyard to sit and talk.  The kids love it and it’s a nice decompression time for the parents (…)The staff members lovingly assist our kids with crafts, sports and other physical fitness games. (…) I feel like I can really let my guard down at this park because it’s removed from the street.  It takes the stress off me.” -  Jessica W., parent

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