Community School Parks

Community School Parks (CSPs) are supervised school-site playgrounds that are open to the public on weekends, holidays and during the summer and feature dynamic programming carried out by school staff. In LA’s densest, most under-parked neighborhoods, school playgrounds are on the only safe, welcoming spaces for youth, families and neighbors to play, connect and build community. Unfortunately, most if not all of them are locked off during non-...


Our Mission

Mission To create access to safe and vibrant play spaces in underserved Los Angeles neighborhoods by (1) unlocking schoolyards on weekends to create Community School Parks (CSP), (2) empowering communities, and (3) advancing innovative local joint/shared use policies.   Vision  A Los Angeles where every child and family has a safe park within walking distance.  Values Play, Healthy Lifestyles, Safety, Public Space, Access, Community Empowerment, and Joint-Use


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